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How to keep your dog cool in the heat

Dog in water

We know how important it is to keep your pets cool in this lovely warm weather and we want to bring some tips of how to help! Here's some of our ideas on how to keep your dog cool in the heat:

  1. Might be fairly obvious but try and keep them in the shade. We know that a lot of dogs love to sunbathe but it's important you try and encourage them to stay in the shade where you can so they don't overheat.

  2. Put water in different locations to make them more inclined to drink more.

  3. Try and give them a cotton sheet to lay on instead of a fluffy blanket as cotton is a breathable fabric.

  4. Give them an ice cube every now and again! This will cool them right now.

  5. We have been working on towel bandanas which will simply go around the neck of your pup and you can wet the towel, keeping them cool. Then when it dries, do it all again! (Keep an eye on our website as these will be launching very soon)

  6. Please don't forget the pavements are really really hot in this weather. Make sure you try and walk your dog either in the morning before it gets warm or in the evening when it's cooled down. Don't let your dog burn its paws or overheat.

Close up dog by pool

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